In 2015, more than 160,000 asylum seekers arrived in Sweden. During the summer the pressure was so great that the Migration Board's accommodation was not enough. Private individuals lent their cottages and houses, to help accommodate all asylum seekers.


GHABE (Forest in Arabic) Monir is a refugee from Syria who just arrived in Sweden with his older cousin Farid during the 2015 refugee crisis. They are housed by the Swedish Migration Board in a cabin deep in the forest while waiting on residence permit. 

Monir begins to explore the grand mysterious forests surrounding the cabin. Their powerful presence lures him deeper, confronting him with his traumatic memories of the war.

Here he meets Moa, a young Swedish woman escaping the demands of modern society over the summer. Their curiosity brings them together, protected by the infinite patience of nature. But hidden fears and prejudices cause the summer to slowly slide toward a devastating end.